June 07, 2017

Lazy me > ARP

In about 18 hours I will be sitting for my second paper this semester. My second paper means it I am almost reaching 2 out of 3 of my papers! Hooray and yes, I am on my exam period now. Guess what readers? I am reaching the end of my degree life. Not yet but it's almost there. After this semester, I will be having my internship. What year is it now? The time is moving so fast and I am still chilling here pretending not having any works to do. 
I have not updated you all about what I have been going through lately, didn't I? Okay so for your information (which probably have zero matter for your concern but I am telling anyway), I am currently on my final semester. This means I have my final year project, big project and so on. But no, because for my course program, I do not have it. What I am working out is my Academic Research Writing (ARP) which is still friggin 40% progress and need to be submitted before 20 June. As you can see I only have a few days before the deadline and I am so dead right now and I really need work on it and I think I will stop here now because I just realized how fxcked up I am. 

I promise I will write soon. I hope you have a pleasant day ahead. Goodbye for now!