November 09, 2016

Its okay dear self

I was scared,
But then I found out your favorite food,
And it gave me the idea that you're approachable,
It was true and I like that.

Then I think you're funny when you are being nonsense,
It tickled me seeing you being crazy,
I started to remember our conversation,
And I begin to like you do the talking instead of me,
You talk too much,
All of your stories stuck in my head,
And at that moment,
I realized that you were something.

I realize I enjoyed you being comfortable with me,
Made me happy that I had your trust,
We shared similar traits and I like that,
That's cool.

Then, I listened to your favorite songs,
Turned out that each songs used to be my favorite,
Was tempted to open up myself to you,
But then,
I realize everyone is falling head over heels for you.

I start to lose interest in you,
But I long for the trust you had in me,
Avoiding myself,
So I took a step behind,
Because everyone likes you,
That's good,
Because I can see you are happy now.

But dear self,
It has been months,
Wake up,
Its over,
You already missed your chance,
You dumb,
But you're not.

Because its okay.
Its okay.

I made the right choice.

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