January 03, 2016

Deeper connection.

Another year has passed. Like the usual, I will always make an entry on a summary-kinda-post after a year has come to an end. Well, for me, 2015 was bitter sweet. My memories in 2015 made me felt contented with all the fun stuffs I have done so much in just a year. I successfully got out from my comfort zone. I'm proudly to say I managed to travel to new places this year. Some of my life bucket list were checked off. Quite a lot achievements unlocked such as I got my very first dean award for my second semester! Yayy 

I swear 2016 is going to extra amazing which I will have my very own passport. I'm going to treat myself with some adventures! But I won't be putting too much hopes on it. Lets just say, I'll go with the flow. I won't be making resolutions this year like I had always did in the previous years. I feel strictly bound to my own resolutions, its more like a rules and when you unable to accomplish it, I get slightly disappointed which is not a good feeling for me. 

Overall, I am thankful for 2015 for all the wonderful moments I had experienced. It taught me of acceptance of responsibility and letting go of the past. I learnt that I could not get everything in control. With the power, strength and blessings granted from God, I couldn't be more grateful than this for one great amazing year.

All I could say for my 2016 is I wish for more adventures and happiness for my family and I. Hopefully this year I will be granted a good wealth(spending management) and good health as well as good balance between work and studies. That's all I am wishing for this year. 

I wish all of my lovely readers to have a wonderful year ahead and lets live each second of life to the fullest. 

P/s: My blog's pageviews has reached more than 1.6k pageviews! I am truly happy having you all anonymously reading my page. Thank you lovelies ❤