May 08, 2015

Does being kind considered as weak?

Why people likes to take advantage on soft-hearted people? Does being thoughtful and caring bring you down? I always put others first and when I do, most of the time I get hurt. When I tried to do the opposite situation, I get hurt even more. In other words, I can't stop concerning others. I'm tired of figuring out solution for what's good and bad. I'm tired of crying every night thinking on how unfair life is treating me. Why can't people just do what I do? Why do I seek for their pity? Their attention? Their concern? Why can't I just let them do what they feels like doing? Why must I get hurt at the end? Why must I care about people who don't give shits about me? I can't deal with this feeling every day. I can't sit and walking around troubled by the same shits every day, I can't. I want to stop. I did stop so many times but I still get hurt, a lot worst. After all the things I have done, the things I've received, the way people treated me, I still choose to be thoughtful and put others first. Because I believe, truly and deeply believe that at the end of the time, only kindness matter the most. Kindness will bring a huge change to this beautiful cruel world. People may not value me or they might not see the world the way I do, but I believe, kindness and honesty is the reason I live. That might also the reason why I came into their lives. I just gotta live it and see where I will end up.