March 27, 2015

Sleeping with eyes open

Draft for final exam is already out and shit I never thought second semester is almost coming to an end. I'm not even ready for mid-term exam yet and final is already screwing everything. 
My time management lately is kind of fucked up because I am occupied with loads, LOADS of programs for this semester. I didn't expect to be involve with many program for this semester. For the last two weeks, I was busy with Malam Citra Bayu held at University Sains Malaysia in Penang. This event is kind of a Sabah cultural night but more like a traditional dance competition for the whole Sabahan students in 9 IPTAs in Malaysia. So, UUM was one of it. I was in charge as one of the crew for our dancers, Rentak Rumandawi. From making costumes for them to makeup and backstage preparations. It was the most tiring and unforgettable experiences ever. I swear I love doing what I am doing. It was my first time to be involve with such things and I am looking forward for more of them in the future.

The dancers, Rentak Rumandawi.


Dancers in full costumes and ready to go!

They even got the chance to take selfie with Akademi Fantasia winner 2014 from Sabah, Faizul was his name if I'm not mistaken.
We didn't get any place but they did their best and everyone has grown closer to each other. Everyone in Adhoc Sabah are very proud of them and they will always remain as the winner in our heart. And congratulations to UPSI for getting first place in MCB2015. It was an amazing night and everyone had lots of fun.
Presentations are coming and tons of assignments to finish up before meeting the deadlines. I'm doing my best to survive here and at the same time to enjoy every second of it. 
Ciao xxo