February 27, 2015

Hello lovely readers ❤

Hi again everyone, I just want to say thanks for keeping up with my blog till now. Sorry I haven't been writing for months. I was too(very) busy lately during my last semester break. Now I am all back here in college. Semester break lasted like 5 seconds. It supposed to felt like the most amazing and wonderful 45 days I had in my 2015. 

Everything felt a lot better at home. I spent most of my days at home of course. Spent most of the afternoon running and hiking the hill in my village. I live in a place where you still can see the trees, animals and rivers live together. My sister and I sister hiked a lot the hill. Legs all sore on the first and second time. After a few weeks later, my mum joined us and Ciara, my 5 years old niece also once join. You could say that I had a quite good exercise during my break. I also did a lot cooking at home and I am proudly saying that I'm improving my cooking skills. I rarely cook at home before because no one likes or dare to eat my cooking. But, my pizza is an exception! My family loves my pizza. Ahh I'm gonna miss making pizza here. I tried to do some diys at home but damn, distraction are everywhere. And sadly to say I failed to do one. I get to spent time with my dearest little niece Mikayla. I really miss her, she was only two months when I leave home and now she's already six months. By the time I get home for my next semester break, she's probably can walk around. I can not deny that studying away from home makes you missing family big stuffs. Last December, my sister and mum went to Thailand and this coming May, both of my parents are going to Vietnam. Do you know how suck it is to miss the chance of travelling?! *long pathetic sigh* but its okay, once I'm done with my study and get myself a proper job, it's gonna be my turn to go around the globe. Typical thinking aha. 

So here are few photos to sum up my break :)

Mikayla receiving her first holy communion. Thank God I didn't missed it. Then, we had a steamboat night at my fav place, QQ cafe. After that, my sis and I spent the whole day at town. Not to forget that I met the Jrod twins, Jason Chen and David Choi, youtuber artists came to Sabah! Meeting the Jrod twins is one of the best moment ever; my current fav youtuber. They make beautiful covers. Go listen at them. This year was their very first tour ever. I get to meet(and hug) all of them and I can not forget how freakin hot the twins (Jason and Justin) are. On Valentine's day, I half-conquered the mount Kinabalu! Then the next morning at 7.10 am, I reached the low's peak! So happy that I finally ticked off one of my bucketlist this year. I'll surely go for the second time. And this time, more cooler photos. And yeah, that's how I spend my 45 days of semester break :)

That's all for today. Will write again soon. x