January 02, 2015

15 resolutions for 2015

Finally 2014 has ended. I am welcoming 2015 with more resolutions because I love making them and compare each resolutions every year.

#1   Get closer to God
God put me on ease when everything brings me down. This year, I promise myself I will love you more than I ever did. Praying for myself that I will be a good and better Christian. Every move I make in the future, I should never fear walking alone anymore because I believe He will always be with me. Fear not, for I am with you. -Isaiah 41:10
#2   Get organized
Plan ahead. Put on your stick notes. Bring your small notebook and pen every places you go. Don't leave your homework pile up. You had enough. Enough for one semester. Enough for the sleepless night. Write down your plans. Instead of checking your phone, read the plan you made everytime you're waiting for something or someone to pick you up. Thank resolution #2 later when you get good grades for second and third semester.
#3   Family come first
Through thick and thin, my family had always been on my side. Last year was a tough year for me. My family was the one who had supported me the most at my hardest moment. This made me realize how important my family is.To be honest with you, I am not really good in expressing myself among my family compare to how I am with my friends. But this year, I will try to change it. No, I want to change it. Everyone at home, get ready for more hugs from me when I'm back.
#4   Live the moment
Stop expecting. Stop hoping. Start living your moment. Live every second of your life and make sure you live your best every day. Stop trashing your time. Don't wait for tomorrow for a good day. Your day can change in a second, the moment when you want to change it. So seek for the joy of living in every moment. Make this year count as the best year of all years.
#5   Less nap
Its okay if you take 1-2 hours of nap in a day but 3-4 hours for a day? Baby you're killing your time. You can do so many things within that long hours. Instead of laying your body on your bed, why don't you blog out something or maybe google some random facts about the world? Nap can sometime take away your creativity away Chalen, so less nap for this year. Plus, replace your naps with some pilates or simple yoga.
#6   Giving fewer fcuks 
Last year I tried to pull zero fcuks but I couldn't. This year I am going to improvised it. Maybe I couldn't give zero fcuks but I know my list of people that deserve em'. So, I am no longer interested in people who don't care about me. Like it or not, that's not my problem. This year I learnt that not everyone is gonna like you either you're good or bad. Making myself likeable by everyone is so last year(s). That was a huge mistake by me during the past years. Now, I will only live my life with everything that could bring happiness in me.
#7   Be more optimistic
Trying to be a person who stay optimism in every situations ain't easy my dear. People would think of this kind of people as a strong both heart and mind, but actually deep inside you're as fragile as the glass. Its not easy to hold on something that 60% might not end up as what you expected but that strong 40% will somehow lead to something call strong hope. Dear self, its okay to stay bright on everything. Maybe it will hurt a bit. It will be worth it at the end. Trust me, what goes around come around. 
#8   Stop worrying
Worrying took over 80% of happiness away.You tend to forget about the moment you're living in because you focus too much on the future with failure and mistake that have not existed yet or probably will not happen. So, why waste your time worrying about the future?
#9   Get out from my comfort zone
Number 9 resolution is a must in 2015! I have been playing safe all the time and from now on I should always dare myself to achieve something that I am terrified of doing but I know I can but I'm just too scared of doing it or people judging. Hahhh fuck them. No one can escape from other judge-y people. I just want this year to be a whole new beginning for me and see how it end.  
#10  Say what you want
I think this year I felt that I was stuck in a very very transparent barrier all this time. I see what's right and wrong but stupidly I just kept it to myself then I end up feeling guilty. I should have say something. If no one wants to listen then fine, I'm not doing it for them, but I'm doing it for myself. Say what you want but with consciousness, just don't your words kill you. Say the right thing.
#11 Please no one
Please no one but yourself.  
#12 Save money
Now that you are away from home, start saving money and earn more. Money can bring you go more places. Note to self : You want to travel after you graduate? It's not free my dear.
#13 Dare to be different
Dressing differently this year is one of my resolution this year. I want to wear all the clothes I have been keeping for so long in my closet.
#14 Enjoy loving yourself
How can you love someone when you can't even love yourself? Before you let anyone else loves you, love yourself first and please let yourself know that how worthy you  are to be loved by someone that would or maybe love you as well much more than you know. 
#15 Do more notes
I haven't been doing well for my first semester and to tell you all the truth, I am not focusing on my study since I came here. For a new semester to come, I should prepare more notes and score for dean's list. 
Above all the 15 resolutions, I am still stuck in achieving my weight goal. So, I'm still keeping my goal for losing more weight till I am at the perfect weight for my body. Need to focus more on healthy food and more running!

That's all from me tonight. Hope you all had a great day just now. Lets welcome 2015 with a new chapter. Cheers for another year x