December 20, 2014

I thank God for blessing me as a part of NUCS

I wouldn't have gotten this closer to You oh Lord if I didn't become a part of NUCS. Now I can finally felt the warmth of Your love since I practice myself to be closer and closer to You. I admit it, I never bring myself closer to You before. Now that I am all by myself, I begin to learn more about You and praying myself to be closer to You. 
Everything is a blessing ever since I came here. I met great amazing people and well, some are not but its okay. Everything happen with it's own reasons. Some people are trying to bring you down but you can turn it the other way. Here, I get tons of help from NUCS especially with my faith. I could feel their love with their faith and this has open my heart to bring myself to get closer as well. They taught me a lot of things about the love from your faith. 
Sometimes, when things get worst here, they are one of the painkiller that set my mind and soul on ease. Mum and dad helps too but they aren't available after 11pm. Everything started to be worst at night and thank God as well I have my friends to call and get my self back together. 
Everyone is special and amazing the way they are in NUCS. They are only group of friends that I could make myself like at home and cures my homesick. I hope and pray for the strong bond of love in NUCS will never ever fades away and get stronger and stronger each day. Happy and blessed to be part of them.