September 07, 2014

Cheap and spicy food everywhere...

So I survived 9 days in Kedah. I had my first class today. The lecturer wasn't around. My seniors says that it's a normal thing for freshmen. They give us time to look for our class. My class is in a new building outside the campus. So we have to take certain bus to go there.

I really need to tell you guys what happened last week; orientation week. It was a rough week. Some days go well and some days are just... not good. The second orientation day was a mess. I woke up 2 hours late. It was horrible. I don't have any roommate to wake me up. Luckily the senior who's in charge of us didn't took any strict action on me. They just ask me why I didn't get up on time. Most of our activities involved walking around the campus and listening to talks. The seniors who are in charge of us are the best. I really like the way they look after us and exposed us to lots of things about this place. 

To be honest, it's very different here. Many new faces, new cultures, new food, new language and you name it. I am still trying my best to get used this whole environment. I just hope that my first semester goes well and I can get through it with getting into dean's list 😊