August 27, 2014

packing for university

Have I mentioned I am going to leave this place in less than a week? To be specific, in just 2 more days I am off to Kedah for my degree level in Universiti Utara Malaysia(UUM) which is also known as Northern University of Malaysia. 
Two weeks ago, my application for degree studies were out and voilà! I received an offer from UUM for degree in International Affairs Management. Yes I was quite thrilled yet bummed cos I was not expecting this offer, I was hoping for Environmental Management. A bit disappointed but told myself maybe it's just not for me and I should just thank God for this offer. I know there's a lot of reasons for it and one of it is my two friends got the same place as I am! I was thousand times happier than before. I don't have to worry about being alone on the first two three days during orientation week(or maybe days) because my friends are there and the crazy thing is we went to the same school twice; high school and pre-uni. And now we are going to the same university, how crazy is that? 

The registration is on first day of September. Can you imagine how rush everything gonna be? So little time yet so many things to pack. I have tons of clothes to pack in one luggage that I'm not even sure it'll fit. To not make that happen, I browse for useful tips in packing in youtube. Thanks to the our amazing speed of Internet connection(I am going to miss home wifi so much), I found lots of useful tips on space-saving for my stuffs to fit in a luggage and I also want to thank these awesome youtubers for sharing their helpful tips and making my life less than miserable. So here I am sharing with you guys.

Genius ideas that I found very useful to pack my luggage.
  • Roll your clothes instead of folding them. This will help to maximize the space in your luggage.
  • Fold you underwear using ranger roll method. It's very easy, click here for the tutorial.
  • For the girls out there, maintain your bra shape by stacking your bras on top of each other, fold it in half and tuck your underwear inside.
  • Keep the dirty soles of your shoes away from your clothes by sticking them inside a shower cap or put it in a cloth/plastic bag.
  • Stuff socks inside your shoes.
  • Use a pill container to store your earrings and other smaller jewelry.
I will try my best to update you guys when I am done with my luggage because I still have go and get my baju kurung from the tailor. Yes, everything was prepared last minute but still not a problem for me. Everything is almost 79% done and I still have lots of things to do, my P license is about to expire tomorrow and I have to renew it before it dies. Hopefully I could drive at Kedah because I don't have the chance to drive here(parents won't let me and I don't have my own car yes I'm poor and idc). That's all for today and talk you guys soon x

Watch this packing hacks and I promise you, your life will never be the same.