June 25, 2014

I should've known...

I don't have to open my mouth to kill every silences
I don't need to force a laugh at someone's terrible jokes
I don't have to know/think how people see in me

All my attentions
All my tears
All my feelings
All my loves
All my happiness

I deserve every bit of them
I deserve to be happy
I deserve to be adore

If I just let myself
love myself
more than I love everyone

there's nothing wrong
looking after someone you really care about
asking them "are you okay?"
hoping that you could make their day
by putting a smile on their face
and deep down
you hope that they will make the same thing on you
because you know
you deserve that

but why
why I never felt loved
like the love I gave to everyone

I should've known this;being too nice is not for me