April 28, 2014

three hundred seconds conversation

Last night was a tough night. Ann and I went working as a part time at a hotel as a banquet server. We were so lucky because last night function was a jungle theme dinner. Interesting, right? The whole ballroom was covered with tree branches, dead leaves were all over the ground and it was pretty dark. They used led light and some other lights to make the surrounding looks a lot like a jungle at night. Every guest were dressed up according it's theme. 
We were told by the manager that tonight we will not be paid because this is our first time and take it as our training session. Training session means we will be given partner to guide us while serving a table. But our partner will do most the important works and we will learn all the things we must know by observing them. I had a little experience before working part time as a caterer during raya so I guess I know some of the basics. Tbh guys, I don't really work for the money, but I'm dying for those experience. Serving banquet in a five stars hotel, this should be in my bucketlist. It was exhausting because everything must be done in a minute. Running in our half-inch-heels for hours was killing my feet. I think almost died when my partner ask me to get clean plates from the kitchen when this girl accidentally stepped on my foot with her heels on. Thank God I didn't shout, it would have been embarrassing.
Before we started our training, I met this guy. Idk if he is a friend or just someone I knew. We bumped into each other at the hallway. He was working there too. So we talk for a moment. He was cute. And our conversation made me smile the whole time and I think the guests in my table caught me smiling and freaked out a little. I don't know why but I hope will meet again in the future. I just hope we will.
Before the night ends, our manager told us we can go home at eleven. Finally we can go home earlier. While waiting for our car, Ann and I had little talk. I really miss talking with Ann. We always have something common on each other. I like that cos that's what makes me comfy talking to her. It feels calm and lighter after had those little talks with her. I'm just glad she's here. Just glad.