April 26, 2014

Pre University Graduation.

Everyone has been waiting for this day. The day we all have been worth waiting for, Graduation Day. Thank God we all have passed our STPM with flying colors. I want to thank everyone who had been there for me till my final exam. The teachers had been working so hard on us although we throw some harsh comments on them or made lots of arguments with them on some cases. Sorry for being so stubborn but thanks a million for always pushing us till we reach the top. My amazing family too did a great job for me, they were always there giving support, comfort and advises, especially my brothers and sister. My dearest friends, especially my girls(sometimes I refer them as soriots), tbh I can never achieve my goal for STPM without you girls. They did so many amazing things for me and I will never forget that. You girls are my most effective motivations, greatest supporters, happy pills and not to forget my best alarm clocks when I get my head on the table during classes. My Pre-U companions too, you guys has been rocking the Pre U class of '12/13. We just made a great moment with the teachers and school. And last but not least, thank you God the great for always giving the strength to against everything that brings me down. I never stop myself from loving and believing in You.
This last one and half year has been such an incredible moment for me. Now those precious moment has become an unforgettable memories. I had experience the most bitter and sweet side of myself and what can I say now? I guess the found the real me. I never been this confident before. Life is getting better and better each year. Thank you dear self for not giving up till now.