March 29, 2014

Detox smoothies

I have been making many types of smoothies lately. But my favourite of all smoothies is red apple blended with carrot and I added some yogurt to replace water. I usually have my smoothie in the morning but I went out early this morning to buy some stuffs so today I had my smoothie pretty late today. Its never too late for smoothie guys.

Smoothies provide us with essential vitamins and nutrients. Drinking fruits smoothies are the best way to nourish your body with nutrients such as Vitamin C helps your immune system and synthesizes collagen that aids the framework of your body. It also provide us fluid for our body to increase our metabolism of food and transportation of nutrients. I replace my breakfast with smoothies because this is perfect for my diet plan on losing weight. Thanks to Casey Ho for this tips and always motivating me to start my day by drinking smoothie in the morning! So, lets have smoothies everyday for a healthy life.

March 18, 2014

March 10, 2014

m a r c h

'Happy Working' has finally came to an end. It went well. I made a short speech before I left, but not everyone was there, especially Christy. I wished she was there that night. I am going to miss her so much. I made Kak Anna burst into tears. This mean I manage to impress her. She also ask me to think about going back there, working with her next month. But I have to say sorry to Kak Anna because I don't want to go back there and live an unorganized-life because that job is a time killer. I could hardly spend my time with my mum, dad and siblings. Same goes to my friends. And worst, myself. It suck. A lot. But I have to say that last month payment was quite satisfying. So, that two-months-of-working  were really paid off.
My list; I failed number 3, 4 and 5. I didn't shout "happy resign" that night because I was not happy at all. I had a small argument with An. He was being such an ass that night. I was quite pissed off with his attitude. But whatever, it lasted till I punch him real hard on his skinny shoulder. Plus, I find that it's kind of rude doing that in front of Kak Anna. So, I didn't do it. Things got messed up to for number 4. Some of my mates weren't talking to each other because of misunderstanding of something that I'm not sure about, you know, rumours. Then, there it goes, no group photo. So sad. How about number 5? Okay, for some of you people who knows me well, yes, you are right. I absolutely have no balls for that. I can not just go in front of him and talk like I knew him before. And what am I suppose to say when I confront him? Well, I have thousand things to say but I don't want to say "Hi I have been checking you out since I saw you at the backdoor a month ago, I think we might be friends if we exchange our phone numbers and probably 0.01% chances of falling each other?" oh what a slutty things to say (I'm kidding okay) I'm not going to do it. So, number 5 failed. But the truth is I can never randomly talk to people just like that. This is just how I am. Nature has it.