February 24, 2014

happy coincidence

It took a week for me to decide to quit my job. It was depressing because my new executive didn't want me to resign. She likes me here, working with her. Well, I like her too(so far). But I need to focus my coming paper, yes, I am going to repeat my one last C- paper. Ugh shit happens, deal with it. About my work, I had so much good times here. Good times with the people working here. I am going to miss them; Joan, Olga, Kak Fiffy, Siti, Kak Anne, Kak Anna, Ling Mei, Mio, Jelsen, Jasmie, Wong, Remon and the most, An! This guy is the cruelest-honest-fucktard ever. The only person who dares to call me fat, pig and everything I don't want to know about myself. I probably won't ever going to see him again. Surely going to miss everyone. This four days... My goodness, I just cannot wait to end this up. And I still have a few undone checklist. 

Things to do before last day of work

  1. Impress Kak Anna.
  2. One fine goodbye with everyone. 
  3. Shout "Happy Resign" on my last night of "Happy Night".
  4. Group photo with my Cotton-mates.
  5. Talk to Mr Clarence. 

February 19, 2014


because I am in love
with the thought of you
loving you
without knowing
the real you

February 09, 2014

you with your awkward teeth

broad shoulder
soft fair skin
damn fine hair
that chinese eyes you got there 
those adorable high-cheekbones
and your breathtaking smile/laugh
are aesthetically pleasing 
in short

can we both just sit face to face
have some tea or coffee
just talk and see what happens next

instead of running into each other
every day
pretending not to care
about our both existence