January 13, 2014


I am 13 days late for this post and the previous one. I was too busy for my brother's after wedding celebration, new year's celebration and job-haunting. Now that I've got myself a job, I barely have the time to check out my blog. I still don't know why I'm keeping my blog's url private, till now. But hey, I'm still talking to you guys. Well, that is because I have no idea who you are and where you guys from. I'm just glad you made this far to catch up with my blog. I love you guys for raising up the total views of blog. Hugs and kisses for you readers. Now I finally reached more than 600 views. Lots of love there I tell you guys. This mean a lot to me, it's like you where there on my bitter sweet moments. 

This year, I will conquer everything. Right now I don't want to talk about life, I want to talk about myself. I need to. Because I have been blaming 'life' for so long. I blame it for making myself miserable and the reason why I don't live the life I wanted. Well, I was completely wrong about that. Life's easy if you take everything easy and don't give a shit on everything. Life's suck when you choose to give up and don't do things limitless. It's all came from you. You. Not life. You yourself give the definition on your existence on this plane Earth. I want to make this year rad. Get myself do things over the top and be spontaneous. Because I will hold on to this quote.
"I'd rather regret the things I've done than regret the things I haven't done. -Lucille Ball"