January 20, 2014

Part of growing up.

Here, they don't talk about Hollywood. They don't talk about dream. They don't talk about what's the new album of Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber or Exo. I'm not saying they're living in box, what I mean is they are different. They talk on real stuffs. They talk about here. They talk about their experiences. How they end up here. How they face failure and get up. What they have seen and what they have been through. 

These people are my workmate. I have been working part time for 21 days now. I never knew working in a hypermarket  will be this tough. I see things quite different now. Its not easy to make friends when you're new there. My first two-three days of working was like the worst moment in my life because I was all alone most of the time. I ate lunch with this guy whom I just knew for 3 hours; he was on the phone all the time and every time I questioned him, he only shook or nodded his; answering my bloody questions. Then we sat there for an hour and I had nothing in my hand because my phone was at the admin office. We were not allowed to bring our phone to work except for lunch. But I stupidly forgotten about it. Then on the second day, my supervisor scolded at me because I forgot to tape the stock in the store room. Then on the third day the body checker at the back door scolded at me because I ask her question and I have no idea what the fuck she did that for. Everyone was looking and making fun at me. I once ate my lunch near the back door, I just stand there and ate my lunch while people passed by. Now I know how suck it is to be alone and isolated. 

I have no one talk with on that three days. Then, I started to talk to the other staffs from different department. It turns out that they really are nice people. The only problem here is they can't pronounce my name correctly. I have lots of names here. Cher, Cha, Lin, Cher-Anne, Charlin and even Patrick or Pat. Because I am in the cotton department, I was known as Amoi Cotton. Cotton staffs here are well-known. Why? Cus cotton department is the toughest department at first floor. It was fucking true when our stock had arrived. Hundreds of towels, comforters, bed sheets, bolsters and pillows. We have to stick the price tags and fold all the towels in a right way. We spent 4 days to finish everything. I almost cried that day. It was like an endless job. Plus, the executive there, keep on scolding at me because I'm not doing anything right. I almost gave up. But, this one guy told me not to. He's from my department too. He works here for almost a month. My supervisor is also a supportive person. 

I learnt lots of stuffs each day. I guess this the part of growing up. And I'm telling you, I love this feeling.

January 13, 2014


I am 13 days late for this post and the previous one. I was too busy for my brother's after wedding celebration, new year's celebration and job-haunting. Now that I've got myself a job, I barely have the time to check out my blog. I still don't know why I'm keeping my blog's url private, till now. But hey, I'm still talking to you guys. Well, that is because I have no idea who you are and where you guys from. I'm just glad you made this far to catch up with my blog. I love you guys for raising up the total views of blog. Hugs and kisses for you readers. Now I finally reached more than 600 views. Lots of love there I tell you guys. This mean a lot to me, it's like you where there on my bitter sweet moments. 

This year, I will conquer everything. Right now I don't want to talk about life, I want to talk about myself. I need to. Because I have been blaming 'life' for so long. I blame it for making myself miserable and the reason why I don't live the life I wanted. Well, I was completely wrong about that. Life's easy if you take everything easy and don't give a shit on everything. Life's suck when you choose to give up and don't do things limitless. It's all came from you. You. Not life. You yourself give the definition on your existence on this plane Earth. I want to make this year rad. Get myself do things over the top and be spontaneous. Because I will hold on to this quote.
"I'd rather regret the things I've done than regret the things I haven't done. -Lucille Ball"

Empty pages.

2 0 1 3
A year to be remembered. 

I have lost myself for many years
Now I am finally home
Home; this is where I discover myself
Where I can feel the real me
A safe place where I called it
h o m e