November 03, 2013

One day, we will share another laugh, Pru.

God took another angel 
on 27 January 2013. 
The most beautiful angel 
with pure innocent kind heart 
I had ever met.

The hope 
of you will get better,
teared me.

The thought 
of seeing you 
on the coming Sunday,
hurts me.

The thought 
of seeing your face 
with smile and laughing 
at us
cos we came at your room
surprise you
with big photo of us framed,
broke me to pieces. 

The fact that 
I'm seeing you 
in white
lying there 
knowing that 
I won't ever going to 
hear your voice again,
play with your hair
see you
talk to you
I have to
accept the fact
that you are no longer here,
kills me.

I still don't understand
why you have to leave 
leaving me here
this early
too early
you just had your 19th birthday.

How could I say this
I wasn't even
there for you 
till the end.

You suffered
you were in pain 
you fought so hard
for a long time
but you stayed strong
God took you 
He took you
you don't deserve to be in this pain.

I wish I could take away 
every pain you felt.
I wish I could give you 
longer time
more years.

But your kind soul 
belongs to the other world,

will always be in my heart,
live within my heart.
You are loved, 
so much.

I love you Prudence Pearl Manih.