October 24, 2013

You own my attention

and that's not a good thing. I rely too much on you. I hope so much from you. Maybe because this is the first time ever, I feel safe with someone like you. People may look at you like you're the biggest jerk ever or worst guy to go out with, but ugh that what makes me, oh for the sake of cheese, I think I'm into you. Can't believe this but it's happening again. Those feeling from previous year is back. But this time it has grown. Why am I feeling this crappy shit

It's only a week till our final, our last semester. My lord, I want to cry out loud. I won't ever see you again in your blazer with your head, bald and your short nail. Yeah, short nail. You like to keep your nails long and that's grossss

Call me an idiot cos I'm going to tell you these shitty feeling after we are done with our paper. Or maybe not because I don't want you to think you're that good enough to own my attention. You never were that good enough because the reason why I pay so many attention on you because I want to change you.Iwant to see the both of us do well in our future. I want you to prove the others on what you are capable with. I want others to look at me and be like "Whoa how the heck did she changed him?" HahahahHAH told ya this is nothing but pile of shit from my head. But seeing you don't have feeling on me, hurts me. I wished you like me or at least liked me.