August 15, 2013

You used to be

my closest guy friend ever
remember I told you that I would
certainly fall for someone like you
who won't gave that easily
on the person you love so much
loyalty trust commitment
I did
fall for you

that night
I had the worst thought ever
that you might be able
to replace her
help me
to forget the fact that she's gone
well you did
but you gave me the most bitter feeling ever

you started with all those
sweet words
darling eyes
heart-melting smile
clumsy behaviors
stupidly fooled me

I can deal with those
won't ever questions those
won't ever try to change you
I will let you do things you like
let you act the way you wanted
let you like people/things you wanted
let you be who you really are
because everything about you
what makes you perfect
I really really like you
then the thought of
wanting more than a friend
destroys me

how stupid I was
I know I shouldn't hope too much
but I just couldn't help it
that those gifts and smiles were actually meant something
that silly conversation all night were a sign
that you might fall for me
and you might forget about her
you never
like you said before
you will never
why the fuck didn't I noted that before

forgetting about you
was the toughest thing
to do in my life

maybe I haven't
maybe I have
forgotten about you

all I want now is
a perfect start
a fresh one

no more feelings
no more expectation
no more hoping

just two people
and stay as a friends