August 24, 2013

Chaotic week

Too many events on this week. First, we had our pre-U sport competition. I didn't join any games because I'm not the sporty-fit-type of people but I'm sure I will only going to humiliate myself if I joined. Sadly, our school didn't won any of the competition. Tbh everyone were too lazy or busy enjoying that 2 weeks of holiday, so they didn't came for practice. Sad news for sport school. Then, we had our Merdeka day and 1M fashion show on Wednesday. Every student have to wear 1M attire. I wore baju kurung that day and it was lame because I wore my sister's outdated baju kurung. I just want that day to end quickly. Also on that day, the teachers did a spot-check in every pre-U class and lots of phone's were taken. One of our junior updated her status in facebook. A teacher saw it and reported it to Mrs Judy. And shit happens. 
Lesson number 1 : No more phones at school.
I won't be bringing my phone at school after this except for Saturday classes. I don't want to take risk anymore. So, no. One of my classmate copied my assignment because we have the same topic. This guy is the worst. He copied it before asking me and he didn't even did any editing in his assignment. Like what the fuck, mister you need some editing in your assignment. He did told he copied my work but that is only when he had already finish copying it and I was like "Oh okay. As long as you edited it or take the important things only". When I go take a look at his work, wow you fuckery, not even a single sentence were edited? This really piss me off. I put so much effort on my work and what? Ugh screw you.