August 24, 2013

Chaotic week

Too many events on this week. First, we had our pre-U sport competition. I didn't join any games because I'm not the sporty-fit-type of people but I'm sure I will only going to humiliate myself if I joined. Sadly, our school didn't won any of the competition. Tbh everyone were too lazy or busy enjoying that 2 weeks of holiday, so they didn't came for practice. Sad news for sport school. Then, we had our Merdeka day and 1M fashion show on Wednesday. Every student have to wear 1M attire. I wore baju kurung that day and it was lame because I wore my sister's outdated baju kurung. I just want that day to end quickly. Also on that day, the teachers did a spot-check in every pre-U class and lots of phone's were taken. One of our junior updated her status in facebook. A teacher saw it and reported it to Mrs Judy. And shit happens. 
Lesson number 1 : No more phones at school.
I won't be bringing my phone at school after this except for Saturday classes. I don't want to take risk anymore. So, no. One of my classmate copied my assignment because we have the same topic. This guy is the worst. He copied it before asking me and he didn't even did any editing in his assignment. Like what the fuck, mister you need some editing in your assignment. He did told he copied my work but that is only when he had already finish copying it and I was like "Oh okay. As long as you edited it or take the important things only". When I go take a look at his work, wow you fuckery, not even a single sentence were edited? This really piss me off. I put so much effort on my work and what? Ugh screw you. 

August 18, 2013

more than 300 pageviews! I love you readers.

Made this blog around the month June and it had reach more than 300 page views. Yes. I'm quite happy with that. I have another blog but it was pretty shitty and I'm too lazy to customize everything. So, I decided to make a new one and this is it. 
In short, whoever you guys are, I just want to say thank you so much for reading my blog 

oh and this is muh creepy face with  a note saying thank you to ya all

August 17, 2013

What I need is...

A denim jacket. Like so badly.
It goes well with every dresses I own.
I really need this.
This is August must have. 

August 16, 2013

August 15, 2013

3 days till school

I'm almost done with my assignments. All I need to do now is preparing my presentation and print it out. We were suppose to have class today but the world is on my side and class was canceled. So, I spent this whole night with assignment and pushing myself to finish em all. This is the best feeling ever. I'm almost there. T H I S close. 

You used to be

my closest guy friend ever
remember I told you that I would
certainly fall for someone like you
who won't gave that easily
on the person you love so much
loyalty trust commitment
I did
fall for you

that night
I had the worst thought ever
that you might be able
to replace her
help me
to forget the fact that she's gone
well you did
but you gave me the most bitter feeling ever

you started with all those
sweet words
darling eyes
heart-melting smile
clumsy behaviors
stupidly fooled me

I can deal with those
won't ever questions those
won't ever try to change you
I will let you do things you like
let you act the way you wanted
let you like people/things you wanted
let you be who you really are
because everything about you
what makes you perfect
I really really like you
then the thought of
wanting more than a friend
destroys me

how stupid I was
I know I shouldn't hope too much
but I just couldn't help it
that those gifts and smiles were actually meant something
that silly conversation all night were a sign
that you might fall for me
and you might forget about her
you never
like you said before
you will never
why the fuck didn't I noted that before

forgetting about you
was the toughest thing
to do in my life

maybe I haven't
maybe I have
forgotten about you

all I want now is
a perfect start
a fresh one

no more feelings
no more expectation
no more hoping

just two people
and stay as a friends

August 13, 2013


Took a day off yesterday. I paused every pbs I had and enjoy the by doing nothing. I slept the whole day because sleep had never been enough while working as a part time caterer. 
My friend ask me if I wanted to jpin her working during raya and I say I wanted to and so I did. That was my first time. 
I had fun while working. I met lots of kind people. It was a great experience. I would like to experience another job again after STPM. I finally earn my first money woohoo life's good but they said it didn't worth it. Yeah I also felt the same way but as long as I have the money then it's okay? Hah.
I worked under BTC which is a halal food caterer. We wore these outfits which was provided by them, according to the dress code.

August 07, 2013

Raya Holiday bitches

Here I am sitting in my room. Typing, blogging. Done with our test last week and I suck. I only put 60% effort on it and I don't care about what marks I'm getting later. School holiday treated me pretty well so far. But I felt like a pig because I can't get myself off from the bed early. This is not good. Not good. Ugh suck to be me. My assignments are all 3/4 done. A little bit more and I'm done. I just can't wait till I get it all done! I'm almost there nigga

Been taking care on my food intake lately. I only eat rice like once a week. I skip breakfast. Okay I know breakfast the most important meal of the day but I don't feel like eating anything in the morning. I only drank a tall glass of apple+carrot+oat juice. Do you even call that juice geez?

Made two diys in a day! A feather hair clip and headband holder. I'm really happy with that. Talking about diys, so far, I've done :
feather earring
knot bracelet and other type of bracelets I forgot the names aha
loose tank top
phone case
memory jar
a sling bag from a shirt
accessories organizer -bracelets & necklaces
earring holder
peter pan collar
floral headband like the one Lana Del Ray always wore in her videos
chain halo

and... I guess thats all. Ombre shorts is in my number one list now. But first, this women needs money. I need money to buy those pretty die colors. So, need to wait for the right moment.

Today's my friend birthday. We call her Amy cos that's her name. If she's reading this, I recommend you to be happy cos I mentioned your name here aha whatever ahaaa. Nothing special actually. Hey, happy birthday bitch <3

I am going to stay a hostel tomorrow cos I'm working oh yeah baby first timer. I am super excited + scared + worried. I'm working because I just want the money. Money. More money means more happiness for me. Lol jk. But tbh yes.
Alright bitches, that's all for today. Write to you guys soon. Ciao. 

August 03, 2013


I wonder...
Is it wrong to distance yourself at certain people in your life?
Not forever but quite a long time. Like months or years.
Because if we people are really meant to live together in the future, we wouldn't have to struggle right?

August 02, 2013

Ew fuck you.

I change my mind. Forget all the things I said yesterday.
That's why I said it was an ugly thoughts.

August 01, 2013

Ugly thoughts.

If you want to be with me,
please don't give up when I said no or whatever that might turn you down.
I want you to like me. And I have promise myself that I am going to make you like me and fall for me.
I hope that I am doing it right now. It feels such a bliss when you gave me those kind of attention. I want it all the time. I want to make it stay.
Call me old fashion but I want you to make the first move. It just kills me when I knew that you are still into her. I take it as a challenge.
I know there's a lot guys out there but I'm living my momment here. I just don't want to make a waste of it. I don't know if it's worth waiting for someone you don't even know if they really are exsist.
He probably might already exsist.