July 07, 2013

What a week.

This week was full of event and urghhh I'm getting sunburn. 
Uneven skin is a lot worst compare to being dark. This always happen to me every year esp after sport day. Oh well, beauty products are gonna help me get my skin back.

Sport day was fun! I was in charge for acara lompat jauh together with Mimie and Amy. It was suppose to be four of us but the other friend was emm suspended? Because school was so stupid they suspended everyone who did not go to the spiritual camp and I don't see it is rational for the school to suspend student just like that. Come on, we're 19 and know what we are doing. So, back to sport day, lots of funny things happen for that 2 crazy hot days. Small silly mistakes at the lompat jauh, making drinks for our MPP stall, avoiding our skin for the ultra violet ray(the sun in general), stupid jokes from our juniors and so on. I really enjoyed my time during this sport day for the first time in my life. Perfect sport day for my final year.

Ciara's sport day. This chubby chum chum was such a cutie when it comes to running and playing with her friends. She joined two games and she got first place in running for candies. No one could ever beat her when it comes to candies. Ciara is 3 years old now. Ahh time flies so fast, I feel like an old woman seeing kids growing up.