July 24, 2013


Seeing you in that condition,
I just can't stand myself from drowning
in those sad, sad eyes of yours.
I don't know why I have that feeling.
That feeling when you're trying your best to make everyone happy.
Making them believe there's still hope. Every moment is a chance.
I keep on doing that everyday.
I know it's not my job keeping everyone's happiness.
But sad faces make me sadder.
I wish this feeling will just go away.
I 'll just waiting till it eventually goes away.
And I'm sure it will.

But, you. Please be happy. Find your own happiness. Your life does not depends on anyone but yourself. Especially your happiness. I taught you those things. I hope you still see me as your friend. I really miss you. But maybe, words are just words. I want the happy you to live in your soul again. I really want to help you.

But not this time.
You gotta find it on your own.
I used to help you, well, as far as I could remember, I did a bit of helping, but it crashed me down. Hard. I end up with depressing and I realized I have completely forgotten about myself. It was a horrible experience. I don't want to feel those again. I won't let it happen to me again. Never.