June 10, 2013


It's pretty difficult to have the time of your own when you don't have your own room. I don't have a room? Long short story. My brother hire this nanny few months ago. The nanny is staying in my room because our house don't have any extra room. I was really pissed by my brother when he asked me to move but now I guess it's okay. It's only for 8-9 months (I miss my room).
At this moment I'm staying in my sister's room. So basically, we're roommates. We have problem on staying together. The closet, our books, sleeping with the lights on and the mirror issue of course. We always fight about those stuffs. But it's cool. We're sisters so it's nothing but normal.
Sometimes before we fell asleep, we will talk on many things; my friends, her friends, stuffs we want to do in the future, promises and her boyfriend. Some days, I will do her hair and she will clean the bed/room. Nothing felt better when you are having perfect bonding with your one and only sister. There are so much love felt when we spend the days and nights together. Ahh I love my sister.

These two are my favorite photos of her.