June 30, 2013


July is coming. Yehaa! 5 more months till I'm done with STPM. Can't wait to get my ass out from that school. But I'm sure I'm going to miss my crazy friends there. Especially my 4 bitches and the rest of course.
So this week has been pretty messed up because of damn PBS. Urghhhh. Can I end this PBS before August? Is it even possible? But I am much more terrified with sastera because this term we are going to make puisi which means I will be making pantun, syair and so on for only 30 minutes with my rusty brain. For god sake kill me already. I can't *dies* hah jk. Few days ago, teacher Connie asked us to make four pantun. So that night I google some pantun to get some ideas and yeah, I manage to complete all those four pantun. The next day I went to class and show it to my classmates, they were laughing so hard on it.. geez. When I read through it again, it was... hilarious okay, this prove that I have some sense of humor hah haters, be jealous. Gave it to the teacher and she said I have tons of problems with my 'penghayatan' in pantun, if you know what I mean. Okay guys, I admit it, I suck in literature. I am no good in expressing myself in words but sketches/drawing? Yes, probably, maybe, err close enough. I'm still working on with my PBS and oh Lord I hope I can finish this on time. Maybe 2 months earlier before the deadline. Finger crossed*
Had a great weekends with Ciara and Cyrus. Been babysitting them for couple of days. I usually spent most of my weekends upstair, in my room and do homework (killing the time actually). Plus, I even had a good workout for 3 days straight. Great job Chalen. That's what I call determination! Did I mention Ciara was with me like 10-15 minutes during my workout haha. She was funny. She even tried to do the split in front of me. I helped her for a while but I just couldn't hold on my laugh and laugh so hard at her. She got mad and stop joining me. That cute chubby chum chum.
Lastly, my left eye is swelling(because of the stupid haze) and lets hope it's not gonna turn out horrible tomorrow which is the first day school of the week and Janna said there might be student council photography session. Ugh I'm dead.