June 27, 2013

I asked you first, asshole.

I have referring to lots of people 'asshole' lately. Ugh okay, I need to stop cursing too much.
There's this one guy. He looks pretty pissed today and I asked him "hey, are you okay?" and he said "yeah. I'm fine." But his face does not show any of it. Because I don't know why on earth should I care about that guy (probably) feeling/look down that morning, so I asked him again "what happened?" and he said nothing and he's fine again and I was "alright chalen, calm down, he's fine and you've done what a friend should have done." At the moment we entered class, he sat with his friend and fuck you, he told her he has problems and he repeated his story like 1638936 times that time and didn't told me a single word about it by the time I asked him. I was like the fuck did I asked him this morning. Okay chalen, calm yo tits, you better don't give a shit about it. Don't tell me I didn't asked you before mister. Ugh this is fucking annoying and I hate it. Seriously, don't ignore me.