June 30, 2013


July is coming. Yehaa! 5 more months till I'm done with STPM. Can't wait to get my ass out from that school. But I'm sure I'm going to miss my crazy friends there. Especially my 4 bitches and the rest of course.
So this week has been pretty messed up because of damn PBS. Urghhhh. Can I end this PBS before August? Is it even possible? But I am much more terrified with sastera because this term we are going to make puisi which means I will be making pantun, syair and so on for only 30 minutes with my rusty brain. For god sake kill me already. I can't *dies* hah jk. Few days ago, teacher Connie asked us to make four pantun. So that night I google some pantun to get some ideas and yeah, I manage to complete all those four pantun. The next day I went to class and show it to my classmates, they were laughing so hard on it.. geez. When I read through it again, it was... hilarious okay, this prove that I have some sense of humor hah haters, be jealous. Gave it to the teacher and she said I have tons of problems with my 'penghayatan' in pantun, if you know what I mean. Okay guys, I admit it, I suck in literature. I am no good in expressing myself in words but sketches/drawing? Yes, probably, maybe, err close enough. I'm still working on with my PBS and oh Lord I hope I can finish this on time. Maybe 2 months earlier before the deadline. Finger crossed*
Had a great weekends with Ciara and Cyrus. Been babysitting them for couple of days. I usually spent most of my weekends upstair, in my room and do homework (killing the time actually). Plus, I even had a good workout for 3 days straight. Great job Chalen. That's what I call determination! Did I mention Ciara was with me like 10-15 minutes during my workout haha. She was funny. She even tried to do the split in front of me. I helped her for a while but I just couldn't hold on my laugh and laugh so hard at her. She got mad and stop joining me. That cute chubby chum chum.
Lastly, my left eye is swelling(because of the stupid haze) and lets hope it's not gonna turn out horrible tomorrow which is the first day school of the week and Janna said there might be student council photography session. Ugh I'm dead. 

June 27, 2013

I asked you first, asshole.

I have referring to lots of people 'asshole' lately. Ugh okay, I need to stop cursing too much.
There's this one guy. He looks pretty pissed today and I asked him "hey, are you okay?" and he said "yeah. I'm fine." But his face does not show any of it. Because I don't know why on earth should I care about that guy (probably) feeling/look down that morning, so I asked him again "what happened?" and he said nothing and he's fine again and I was "alright chalen, calm down, he's fine and you've done what a friend should have done." At the moment we entered class, he sat with his friend and fuck you, he told her he has problems and he repeated his story like 1638936 times that time and didn't told me a single word about it by the time I asked him. I was like the fuck did I asked him this morning. Okay chalen, calm yo tits, you better don't give a shit about it. Don't tell me I didn't asked you before mister. Ugh this is fucking annoying and I hate it. Seriously, don't ignore me. 

June 23, 2013

Please don't be so nice to me.

I don't want you to act to so nice next to me. Don't offer yourself to do things for me when you don't even mean it.
Don't. Just don't.

June 17, 2013


One of these day, I will tell what's really inside my head and not give a shit on what you think of me after it's done. How come we're barely friends right now? How the fuck did you do that? All those lies and stuffs. That's a total A+ asshole. 

And by the way, aren't you tired of pretending? 

June 16, 2013

Papa bear and brother bear.

My first love, my hero. My dad. The man who never gave up in loving me through thick and thin. I love you dad. Happy Father's Day

June 13, 2013

Blessed friendship.

I thank God for having her in my life. I love you Jane.

"Don't lose hope on yourself"

What happened to everyone? Like seriously. Why people choose to give up on things that they, themselves had started? Why can't everyone finish what they have started? Why would you lose hope.
Nothing come easy in life. You know it, everyone does. But a little extra hardwork can make difference. It doesn't matter if it's small or big but at least you tried. Most of people quit because they did not even bother to try or put their effort on it.
I wish things were easy as I said. Sadly, there's no such thing.

June 10, 2013


It's pretty difficult to have the time of your own when you don't have your own room. I don't have a room? Long short story. My brother hire this nanny few months ago. The nanny is staying in my room because our house don't have any extra room. I was really pissed by my brother when he asked me to move but now I guess it's okay. It's only for 8-9 months (I miss my room).
At this moment I'm staying in my sister's room. So basically, we're roommates. We have problem on staying together. The closet, our books, sleeping with the lights on and the mirror issue of course. We always fight about those stuffs. But it's cool. We're sisters so it's nothing but normal.
Sometimes before we fell asleep, we will talk on many things; my friends, her friends, stuffs we want to do in the future, promises and her boyfriend. Some days, I will do her hair and she will clean the bed/room. Nothing felt better when you are having perfect bonding with your one and only sister. There are so much love felt when we spend the days and nights together. Ahh I love my sister.

These two are my favorite photos of her.